Dr. Hardee has led initiatives on climate change, gender and population.  She is a sought after expert on the links between climate change adaptation and sustainable development.   She has made numerous presentations on climate change and population, the global architecture for climate change adaptation policies and funding and the need to include social sectors in climate change adaptation.

Dr. Hardee is the author of a number of publications on climate change, including How do Recent Population Trends Matter to Climate Change?, and a study of adaptation in Ethiopia, and Enhancing Cooperation between the Health and Climate Sectors.   She was a speaker in the Population Reference Bureau's 2010 Policy Seminar Series, presenting on the links between sustainable development and climate change adaptation, and was interviewed for the New Security Beat.

She was guest editor for the BALANCED Project Newsletter on the links between Population, Health and Environment (PHE) programming and Community-based Adaptation.

Dr. Hardee spoke at the first International Climate Change and Adaptation Conference, NCCARF, Gold Coast, Australia, 2010.

Selected publications:  Climate Change

Mutanga, C, K Hardee and K Mogelgaard.  2010.  “Climate Change Adaptation Financing:  How do Social Sectors Fare?”  In progress.

Hardee, K, J Bremner, and K Mogelgaard.  2010.  "Is there a Link Between Population, Health and Environment (PHE) and Climate Change Adaptation?" BALANCED Project Newsletter 1(2). December 16.

Jiang, L. and K.  Hardee.  2010.  “Does Population Matter to Climate Change?”  Population Research and Policy Review.  Published online Aug 24.  DOI:   10.1007/s11113-010-9189-7

Hardee, K and C Mutunga. 2009. “Strengthening the Link Between Climate Change Adaptation and National Development Plans: Lessons from the Case of Population in National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs).” Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change.  DOI 10.1007/s11027-009-9208-3.

Mutunga, C and K Hardee.  2009.  “Population and Reproductive Health in National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) for Climate Change.”  In Guzman, JM, et al.  Eds.   Population Dynamics and Climate Change.  New York:  UNFPA and London:  International Institute for Environment and Development.

Hardee, K.   2009.  Let the Human Face of Climate Change Emerge in Copenhagen.  PAI blog post.  December 14.

Hardee, K.  2009. “Population, gender, and climate change.  Improving access to family planning services and promoting sexual equality are the priority.”  Editorial.  British Medical Journal.  339:b4703.

Mutunga, C, K Hardee and K Mogelgaard.  2009. Enhancing Cooperation Between the Health and Climate Sectors.”  Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.  December 3.

Hardee, K. and K. Rovin.  2009.  “Ethiopia: Special Report.  A Crisis of Climate, Food – and Population.”  People and the Planet.  February.

Jiang, L, M Hoepf Young and K Hardee.  2008.  “Urbanization: Problem or Solution for the Environment?”  World Watch Magazine. 21:5(34-39).

Key Climate Change expertise

  • Adaptation needs assessments
  • Climate change and sustainable development
  • Population and climate change
  • Gender and climate change
  • Training/capacity building on climate change

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