Dr. Hardee has worked on policy projects to support evidence-based policy making.   She co-developed the Policy Circle, a tool to understand the policy process.   She co-authored a tool to assess operational policy barriers to improving health systems.

Dr. Hardee collaborated with the Global Fund, PEPFAR, WHO and other organizations, through the MEASURE Evaluation Project, to design and develop M&E systems assessment tools and data quality assessment and auditing tools.

She has collaborated with colleagues around the world on a range of programmatic research studies.

She has conducted training on policy, research methods and M&E.

Select publications:  Policy/Research/M&E

Madsen EL, B Daumerie and K Hardee.  2010.  “The Effects of Age Structure on Development.”  Policy and Issue Brief.  Washington, DC:  Population Action International.

Strachan, M., et al.  2004.  An Analysis of Family Planning Content in HIV/AIDS, VCT and PMTCT Policies in 16 Countries.”  POLICY Working Paper No. 9.  Washington, DC:  The Futures Group, POLICY Project.

MEDMA and POLICY Project.  2003.  “Overcoming Operational Policy Barriers to Reproductive Health in Ukraine.”  Final Report.   Kiev:  MEDMA and Washington, DC:  The POLICY Project.

Strachen, M., GA. Grey, and K. Hardee.  2001.  The Policy Environment Score. Measuring the Degree to Which the Policy Environment in Jamaica Supports Effective Policies and Programs for Reproductive Health: 2000 Follow-up Results.  Washington, DC: The Futures Group POLICY Project.

Hardee, K and J. Smith.  2000.  “Increasing Returns on Reproductive Health Services in the Era of Health Sector Reform.”  POLICY Occasional Paper 5. Washington DC:  The Futures Group.

Bailey, W, K Hardee, S Smith, M Villinski, O McDonald, M Clyde. 1997.  “Geographical and Medical Barriers to Family Planning Services in Rural Jamaica.”  In J Hatcher, J Kitts and LJ Arsenault, eds.  Gender, Health and Sustainable Development:  Perspectives from Asia and the Caribbean.  Ottawa, Canada:  International Development Research Centre.  Pp. 326-337.

Hardee, K, et al.  1994.  "Contraceptive Implant Users and Their Access to Removal Services in Bangladesh,"  Intl Family Planning Perspectives. 20(2).

Key policy and research expertise

  • Policy assessment
  • Strategic plan development
  • Operational policy barriers
  • Demographic analysis
  • Training on policy  and research design
  • Programmatic research implementation
  • Report writing and strategic communication

Key M&E expertise

  • Results frameworks
  • M&E tools development
  • Data quality assessment and auditing
  • Training on M&E and research methods
  • Communicating results to various audiences

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