Dr. Hardee has focused much of her career on family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and maternal health through research, policy and program assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building.   She has worked on quality of care and service quality improvement, reducing barriers to access, reproductive health supplies and integration of FP/RH and HIV/AIDS services.   Dr. Hardee is working with the Maternal Health Task Force to write a paper on maternal morbidity, a neglected issue in maternal health.

She was co-author on A Practical Guide to Integrating Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS into Grant Proposals to the Global Fund.  Dr. Hardee was recently interviewed on EarthSky on adolescent reproductive health.

Dr. Hardee is a social demographer who has also addressed population and demographic factors.  She is co-author of a number of publications on demographic issues, including The Unfinished Demographic Transition and Population, Fertility and Family Planning in Pakistan.

​Selected publications:  Pop/RH/AIDS/MH

Daumerie, B. and K. Hardee.  2010. The Effects of a Very Young Age Structure on Haiti.  Washington, DC:  Population Action International.

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Hardee, K, et al.  1994.  "Contraceptive Implant Users and Their Access to Removal Services in Bangladesh," Intl Family Planning Perspectives. 20(2).

Key POP/RH/AIDS/MH expertise​

  • Evidence-based programming
  • Programmatic research
  • RH/HIV Integration
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Population and sustainable development
  • Demographic analysis
  • Strategic communication of results

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