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Hardee Associates LLC provides expert consulting services on a variety of issues related to climate change adaptation, sustainable development, population, family planning, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, and gender.  

Hardee Associates
 LLC offers technical expertise in evidence-based program development, strategic planning, policy analysis, programmatic research, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic communication.

Karen Hardee has a PhD in social demography from Cornell University and more than 25 years of international technical and leadership experience working with a range of bilateral and multilateral organizations, nongovernmental organizations and as a consultant.  Dr. Hardee is a highly productive, seasoned professional with extensive international and collaborative experience.


Please contact info@hardeeassociates.com

Phone:  (703) 231-7181

Summary of Technical Expertise

§  Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

§  Policy analysis and implementation

§  Climate change adaptation

§  Population and sustainable development

§  Program development and management

§  Evidence-based programming

§  Gender analysis and programming

§  Policy analysis and strategic planning

§  Family planning/reproductive health/AIDS  

§  Strategic communication with various audiences

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